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Key Term Vajrayāna
Hover Popup Choices diamond vehicle; Tantric Buddhism
Featured People PadmasambhavaNāropaMaitrīpa
In Tibetan Script རྡོ་རྗེ་ཐེག་པ།
Wylie Tibetan Transliteration rdo rje theg pa
Devanagari Sanskrit Script वज्रयान
Romanized Sanskrit vajrayāna
Tibetan Phonetic Rendering dorje thekpa
Chinese Script 金剛乘
Chinese Pinyin Jin'gangsheng
English Standard Diamond Vehicle
Jeffrey Hopkin's English Term Vajra Vehicle
Term Type Noun
Source Language Sanskrit
Basic Meaning The esoteric Buddhist tradition which developed as a syncretic system involving deity worship, use of mantras, physical energy, and mystical practices. It is also known as the mantra tradition and the tantric school as a result of being based on texts known as tantras.
Has the Sense of An adamantine system for being based on the innate nature of reality and using the state of Buddha as a way to actualize enlightenment.
Related Terms tantra;secret mantra;mantra
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Rangjung Yeshe's English Term Vajra Vehicle, Vajrayana, vehicle of indestructible reality, the vajra vehicle [of Secret Mantra]

vajrayana, diamond vehicle, indestructible approach to the teaching, Indestructible Reality Way, Indestructible Way

Vajrayana. The 'vajra vehicle.' The practices of taking the result as the path. Same as 'Secret Mantra.'
Dung dkar Tshig mdzod Chen mo གསང་སྔགས་ཀྱི་ལམ་ལ་གོ་དགོས། དེ་ཡང་རྒྱུད་སྡེ་བཞི་ནས་བཤད་འི་ལམ་གྱི་རིམ་པ་རྣམས་ཡིན། ཐེག་པ་དང་ལམ་གཉིས་སྤྱི་དང་བྱེ་བྲག་ཡིན་པས་ཁྱབ་ཆེ་ཆུང་ཡོད།
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