Ngok Tradition

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Key Term Ngok Tradition
Topic Variation Analytic Tradition
Hover Popup Choices Ngok Tradition; Analytic Tradition; analytic tradition; Ngok Luk; Rngog lugs; rNgog lugs; rngog lugs; thos bsam gyi lugs
Featured People Rngog blo ldan shes rabPhywa pa chos kyi seng+geRong ston shes bya kun rigSajjana
In Tibetan Script རྔོག་ལུགས་
Wylie Tibetan Transliteration rngog lugs
Tibetan Phonetic Rendering ngok luk
Term Type Noun
Source Language Tibetan
Basic Meaning Ngok Lotsāwa Loden Sherab's "analytic tradition" of exegesis of the Uttaratantra; one of two major Tibetan traditions of exegesis, both stemming from students of Sajjana.
Has the Sense of Also known as the analytic tradition (thos bsam gyi lugs), literally, "the tradition of hearing and contemplating," this form of exegesis explicated the Uttaratantra through philosophical reasoning and debate and thus entailed a primarily scholastic approach to the treatise. However, both the Ngok Tradition and its opposing counterpart, the Tsen Tradition, reportedly came from a single source, the Kashmiri scholar-yogi Sajjana.
Related Terms thos bsam gyi lugs
Related Topic Pages Tsen Tradition
Other Definitions

As cited in Kano 2006 (see Appendix H, p. 624), according to Jamgön Kongtrul's commentary on the Uttaratantra, The Unassailable Lion's Roar, the lineage of the Ngok Tradition is:

  • Maitreya
  • Maitrīpa
  • Ānandakīrti
  • Sajjana → Atiśa
  • rNgog
  • Gro lung pa
  • Shang tshe spong pa
  • Nyang bran pa
  • Phywa pa
  • gTsang nag pa
  • Dan bag pa
  • Blo gros mtshungs med
  • Phag gru rgyal mtsan bzang po
  • Rong ston