Watanabe, K.

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Kaikyoku Watanabe
English Phonetics Kaikyoku Watanabe
Sort Name Watanabe, Kaikyoku
Chinese Script 海旭渡辺
Alternate names
  • Kaikioku Watanabe
Birth:   1872
Death:   1933

Tibetan calendar dates


PhD University

Kaiser Wilhelms-Univerität

Biographical information

Kaikyoku Watanabe was born in 1872 in Tokyo, Japan. After finishing at Jodo Sect School (1894) [he] continued his studies in Germany. Upon returning [he] was appointed principal of Shiba Middle School and at the same time began teaching at Taisho and Тoуo colleges (1911). Later he organized [the] Buddhist Workers Mutual Relief Association and [the] Buddhist Social Work Research Institute and advocated a union of Buddhists in Japan, India, China, Burma and Tibet. He supervised the compilation of Taisho Shin-shu Daizo-kyo (Complete Buddhist Scriptures Compiled in the Taisho Era). (Source Accessed Sep 14, 2021)

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