Waldschmidt, R.

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Waldschmidt, R. on the DRL

Rose Leonore Marie Waldschmidt
English Phonetics Rose Leonore Marie Waldschmidt
Sort Name Waldschmidt, Rose Leonore Marie
Birth:   1895
Death:   1988

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Biographical Information

Rose Leonore Marie Waldschmidt (née Ohrlich). Berlin 21.5.1895 — 1988. was a German Indologist. She was the daughter of Richard Ohrlich, auditor and tax consultant, and Katharina Herrmann. She was a textile designer and then specialized on the history of South Asian handicrafts. From 1927, she was the wife of Ernst Waldschmidt, whom she survived. In 1932-34 they were together in Sri Lanka and India. Their only son died in WW II. (Adapted from Source Jan 30, 2024)

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