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Francisco Dokushō Villalba
English Phonetics Dokushō Villalba
Sort Name Villalba, Dokushō
Villalba Dokushō Wikipedia.jpg
Birth:   1956/11/08

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Biographical information

Francisco Dokushō Villalba, (born November 8, 1956) is a Spanish Buddhist teacher. In 1984, he was the first Spaniard to be recognized as a Zen master. He was a disciple of the Japanese Zen master Taisen Deshimaru, a Zen diffuser in Europe, who ordained him a Zen Buddhist monk in 1978. Villalba became his collaborator, translating into Spanish the works by Deshimaru and was the translator of the first Spanish version of the Bodhicaryavatara. After the death of his teacher in 1982, Villalba returned to Spain, where he founded several Zen centers. In the eighties he traveled to Japan to complete his training. In 1987 he received the Dharma Transmission, recognition as a Zen master and the authorization to found temples and centers from his second master, Shuyu Narita. Villalba is the founder of the Soto Zen Buddhist Community in Spain in 1989 and the Zen Buddhist Monastery Luz Serena, the first Buddhist monastery founded in Spain, where [he] usually resides. Writer, lecturer, and translator of international reputation, he has participated in numerous meetings and debates on religion and interculturality, including the Parliament of the World's Religions. (Source Accessed Mar 22, 2021)

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