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Key Term Uttaratantra
Hover Popup Choices Uttaratantra; Uttaratantraśāstra; Gyü Lama; Gyulama
In Tibetan Script རྒྱུད་བླ་མ་
Wylie Tibetan Transliteration rgyud bla ma
Devanagari Sanskrit Script उत्तरतन्त्र
Romanized Sanskrit uttaratantra
Chinese Script 寶性論
Chinese Pinyin bǎo xìng lùn
English Standard Ultimate Continuum
Term Type Text
Source Language Sanskrit
Basic Meaning The Ultimate Continuum, or Gyü Lama, is often used as a short title in the Tibetan tradition for the key source text of buddha-nature teachings called the Ratnagotravibhāga of Maitreya/Asaṅga, also known as the Mahāyānottaratantraśāstra.
Has the Sense of There is extensive discussion of the title in multiple academic sources. For further information about the text and its title, please see the entry for this text, Mahāyānottaratantraśāstra. And for a short essay on the translation of this term, see "Continuum vs. Teachings."