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Key Term thugs dam
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In Tibetan Script ཐུགས་དམ།
Wylie Tibetan Transliteration thugs dam
Tibetan Phonetic Rendering thugdam
English Standard meditation at death
Term Type Noun
Source Language Tibetan
Basic Meaning Persons who have experience in meditation on the nature of the mind or emptiness are said to be able to remain in a meditative equipoise after death. Although they have stopped breathing and are clinically dead, they are said to be able to retain their body without decay, often with lustre and flexibility. They are believed to have actualised their buddha-nature at the time of death and attained the state of enlightenment.
Has the Sense of Thugs dam generally refers to meditation and spiritual commitment of a religious practitioner but often has the specific meaning of remaining in the state of meditation after death in the Himalayan Buddhist tradition. Highly realised beings are said to remain in this state for period after their death until their enlightened spirit leaves the physical body.
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