Tenga Rinpoche

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Wylie bstan dga' rin po che
English Phonetics Tenga Rinpoche
Tenga Rinpoche.jpg
Birth:   1932
Death:   2012

Tibetan calendar dates

Religious Affiliation
Primary Professional Affiliation
Benchen Monastery
Sangye Nyenpa, 10th

Biographical information

Ven. Kyabje Tenga Rinpoche was born in eastern Tibet, the northern snow-enclosure, the cool land of the dharma valleys, the segment of the mandala field known as "the six ranges of lower Dokham" [...] , on the fourth day of the sixth lunar month in the Water-Monkey year of 1932. To be more specific, Rinpoche was born in the region of Dokham known as Ga. His father was descended from the upper eastern clan of the miraculously born Magyal Pomra known as Drong Sekar Gyalpo and their descendants. Rinpoche's father was Gönpo Tobgyal, one of the sons of the then Drong district official. His mothers name was Rigdzin Drölma, who came from the Gegyal Barma family clan. Keep reading at Benchen.org

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