Tegchok, Jampa

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Jampa Tegchok
Name Prefix Khensur
Tegchok Jampa.jpg
Birth:   1930
Death:   2014

Tibetan calendar dates

Primary Language:   Tibetan
Translates to:   Tibetan

Biographical information

Born in 1930, Khensur Jampa Tegchok became a monk at the age of eight. He studied major Buddhist treatises at Sera Monastic University in Tibet for fourteen years before fleeing his homeland in 1959. The former abbot of the Jé College of Sera Monastic University in India, he was also a beloved teacher at several FPMT centers including the Masters Program at Instituto Lama Tsongkhapa in Italy, Land of Medicine Buddha in California, and Nalanda Monastery in France. (Source: Wisdom Publications)

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