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Key Term svasaṃvedana
Hover Popup Choices rang rig; self-awareness; reflexive awareness; self-aware
In Tibetan Script རང་རིག་
Wylie Tibetan Transliteration rang rig
Devanagari Sanskrit Script स्वसंवेदन
Tibetan Phonetic Rendering rangrik
Chinese Script 自證分
Chinese Pinyin zìzhèngfēn
Japanese Transliteration jishō
Korean Transliteration chajŭng
English Standard self-awareness
Karl Brunnhölzl's English Term self-aware(ness)
Richard Barron's English Term self-knowing awareness [Dzogchen]; self-aware(ness) [Yogachara]; reflexive consciousness
Jeffrey Hopkin's English Term self-cognizing consciousness; self-knowing
Sarah Harding's English Term reflexive awareness
Dan Martin's English Term reflexive awareness
Gyurme Dorje's English Term intrinsic awareness; reflexive awareness
Alternate Spellings svasaṃvitti
Term Type Noun
Source Language Sanskrit
Basic Meaning An important term for the Yogācāra that refers to a consciousness of consciousness itself, or how one knows that they know something. It was a hotly debated topic that was disputed by followers of the Madhyamaka. In Tibet it would later become a common Dzogchen term, though with the entirely different meaning of one's own innate awareness (rig pa), a crucial concept in the Dzogchen teachings.
Has the Sense of Mind seeing mind. The classic example is that of a lamp that illuminates the surrounding area as well as itself.
Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism See page 882: In Sanskrit, lit.“self-knowledge” or “self-awareness,” also seen written as svasaṃveda, svasaṃvit, svasaṃvitti. In Buddhist epistemology, svasaṃvedana is that part of consciousness which, during a conscious act of seeing, hearing, thinking, and so on, apprehends not the external sensory object but the knowing consciousness itself.
Rangjung Yeshe's English Term self-cognizant awareness. self-aware[ness] [thd]. Self-cognizance. self-cognition, apperception [ggd]. one's own insight; 1) self awareness; aware of oneself; 2) self consciousness (according to Chittamatra), [svasamvedana]; self-cognizing (intrinsic) awareness; [lit.] your mind, inherent cognizance. [one's] self-cognizance. 1) self-known, self-aware, natural awareness, intrinsic awareness, apperception. 2) abr. of {rang byung rig pa} self-existing insight. 3) self knower, proprioceptive, self-consciousness [apperceptive], self-knower, one's mind, one's own insight, insight, my own mind. 4) the absolute truth in Y. comp. {rang gi rig pa}; self-existing awareness