Rgyu'i rgyud

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Key Term rgyu'i rgyud
Topic Variation causal continuum
Hover Popup Choices causal continuum; gyu gyu; causal tantra
In Tibetan Script རྒྱུའི་རྒྱུད་
Wylie Tibetan Transliteration rgyu'i rgyud
Tibetan Phonetic Rendering gyu gyu
English Standard causal continuum
Karl Brunnhölzl's English Term causal tantra
Ives Waldo's English Term causal continuity
Term Type Noun
Source Language Tibetan
Basic Meaning The mind's natural mode that abides as suchness, which remains unchanged from the state of an ordinary being up until enlightenment.
Has the Sense of A proxy term for buddha-nature found in tantric literature.
Did you know? According to the Tshig mdzod chen mo, in the sutra class this is called the element, essence of the bliss gone, the naturally abiding potential, and so forth. In the lower tantra class it is called the that-ness of self, the enlightened mind, the mind of Samantabhadra, and so forth. And in the highest yoga tantra class, it is called the union of E-Vam.
Related Terms Dhātu;Prakṛtisthagotra;Sugatagarbha
Tshig mdzod Chen mo sems can nas sangs rgyas kyi bar du sems kyi rang bzhin gyi tshul nam mkha' ltar 'gyur ba med par gnas pa de nyid yin la/ de la mdo sde rnams su khams bde bar gshegs pa'i snying po rang bzhin gnas rigs sogs dang/ rgyud sde 'og ma rnams su bdag gi de kho na nyid dang/ byang chub kyi sems dang/ kun tu bzang po'i sems sogs ming ji snyed yod la/ rnal 'byor bla med kyi rgyud du e waM zung 'jug
Synonyms gzhi rgyud