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Key Term prabhāsvaratā
Topic Variation luminosity
Hover Popup Choices luminosity; luminous; 'od gsal; prabhāsvaratā; clear light; Luminosity
In Tibetan Script འོད་གསལ་
Wylie Tibetan Transliteration 'od gsal
Devanagari Sanskrit Script प्रभास्वर
Tibetan Phonetic Rendering ösel
Chinese Script 光明
Chinese Pinyin guāng míng
Japanese Transliteration kōmyō
Korean Transliteration kwangmyŏng
English Standard luminosity
Richard Barron's English Term sheer lucidity; utter lucidity
Jeffrey Hopkin's English Term clear light
Dan Martin's English Term luminosity
Gyurme Dorje's English Term inner radiance; luminosity
Ives Waldo's English Term luminous clarity
Term Type Noun
Source Language Sanskrit
Basic Meaning In a general sense, that which clears away darkness, though it often appears in Buddhist literature in reference to the mind or its nature. It is a particularly salient feature of Tantric literature, especially in regard to the advanced meditation techniques of the completion-stage yogas.
Has the Sense of Radiance, brilliance, or effulgence.
Related Terms Prabhāsvaracitta
Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism See page 653: In Sanskrit, “luminous,” “resplendent”; referring to an effulgence of light and often used as a metaphor for either deep states of meditation or, especially, the nature of the mind.