PaN chen ngag dbang chos grags

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Wylie paN chen ngag dbang chos grags
Title Prefix Khenchen
Name Prefix Paṇchen
Birth:   1572
Death:   1641

Tibetan calendar dates


Biographical information

Khenchen Ngawang Chodak (mkhyen chen ngag dbang chos grags) was born to his father Trungtso Phuntsok (drung 'tsho phun tshogs) and his mother Phenthok Kyi (phan thogs skyid) in Semcher valley of Tsang in 1572.

He was intellectually more mature than his peers, so learned reading and writing effortlessly. At the age of eleven, he abided in a holy mountain under the care of Kunkhen Ngawang Chakpa (kun mkhyen ngag dbang grags pa) for one year. Then he went to the great monastic school of Thupten Yangpajan (thub bstan yangs pa can), and Geshe Kunchok Gyatso (dkon mchog rgya mtsho) bestowed him the ordination name of Ngawang Chodak.

From then, Khenchen Ngawang Chodak studied with numerous great masters: Kenchen Wangchok Pelsang (mkhyen chen dbang phyug dpal bzang), Mangthu Logrub Gyatso (mang thos klu sgrub rgya mtsho), Grubchok Suonam Chophel ([[grub mchog bsod nams chos 'phel]]), Jonang Daranatha (jo nang ta ra na tha), Khenchen Jampa Sangpo ([[mkhan chen byams pa bzang po]]), Muchen Sangye Gyaltsen ([[mus chen sangs rgyas rgyal mtshan]]), etc., and became expert in the treatises of the Six Volumes and knowledge of sutras and mantras with his brilliant intellect. He pilgrimaged to Sagya and Ngamring, and gained reputation for his erudite debate skills.

Khenchen Ngawang Chodak took gelong vows when he could meditate with the actual meaning of what he had been taught and he could attain the realization of various deities. At the thirty-five, he took the throne of the Thupten Yangpajan monastic school and devoted the rest of his life there to study, teach, and write. At age of seventy, he peacefully passed into Nirvana.

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