Norbu, Tenzin

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Tenzin Norbu
English Phonetics Tenzin Norbu
Sort Name Norbu, Tenzin
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Biographical information

Tenzin Norbu was born in Dolpo, a rugged region of Nepal on the Tibetan border, and hails from a lineage of painters dating back more than four hundred years. He mixes the tangka genre with creative and novel images of the Himalayan and Tibetan landscapes. The illustrator of four children’s books, his work has appeared in National Geographic and the feature film Himalaya and is part of private collections such as that of Leila Hadley Luce. His work has also been featured in major exhibitions in Paris and New York. A resident of Kathmandu, he returns for several months each year to Dolpo, where he plays an active role in the change and continuity of village life. (Source Accessed Apr 5, 2021)

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