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English Phonetics Nandi
Sort Name Nandi

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Biographical information

Ku Nân-ti, i.e. Nandi, whose name is translated 喜 Hhi, lit. 'joy.' He was a Grihapati (householder) of the western region, who in A.D. 419 and the following years translated 3 works, one of them was lost already in A.D. 730.

Two of the texts attributed to him include the Dàchéng fāngbiàn huì jīng (Upāyakauśalyasūtra) and the Ch'ing kuan shih yin p'u sa hsiao fu tu hai t'o lo ni chou ching (Saḍakṣaravidyāmantra(sūtra).

[He was] of the Eastern Tsin dynasty , A.D. 317–420. (Source Accessed Sep 8, 2021; see esp. number 47)

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