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Robert J. Miller
English Phonetics Robert J. Miller
Sort Name Miller, Robert

Tibetan calendar dates

Primary Affiliation (Workplace)
University of Wisconsin, Madison

PhD University

University of Washington


  • Ph.D. University of Washington
  • B.A. University of Michigan

Biographical information

Bob received his B.A. from the University of Michigan and his Ph.D. from the University of Washington at Seattle. His regional area of focus at that time was Inner Mongolia. Bob and Bea [his wife] conducted fieldwork in Darjeeling District in West Bengal, where they gathered information from Tibetan refugees and developed a life-long sympathy for Tibet. Bob taught for three years in the University of Washington at Seattle before joining the Anthropology Department in the University of Wisconsin in 1959. At that time, Wisconsin's Department of Indian Studies was still taking shape. A faculty committee interested in India had succeeded in gaining approval for the Department, but the scope of the fledgling Department was far from clear. During 1960-61 interested faculty, including Bob Miller, held a Weekend Retreat where they discussed basic curriculum, faculty to be recruited, and new courses to be introduced for the Department of Indian Studies. . . .

Bob's publications include numerous articles in encyclopedias and journals. His books and monographs include A Regional Handbook on the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, edited by Helmut Wilhelm (New Haven, 1956), to which he contributed three chapters and co-authored four others; Monasteries and Culture Change in Inner Mongolia (Weisbaden, 1959, Gottinger Asiatische Forschungen, Band Il), and Religious Ferment in Asia (Lawrence, 1974) that he edited and to which he contributed editorial comments. In the 1970s Bob's interests began to focus on the cultural anthropology of siliconage technological change. His articles appeared in new journals such as Futurics and AnthroTech, and in 1983 he edited and contributed to Robotics: Future Factories, Future Workers (Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Sciences, Vol. 470). . . . (Source Accessed Sep 13, 2021)

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