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Wylie tshem bu pa
Devanagari कन्तलिप
Romanized Sanskrit Kantalipa
Alternate names
  • Khandipa

Tibetan calendar dates


Biographical information

Khandipa was a low-caste sweeper who made his clothes by sewing rags together. A yogin offered to teach him the dharma and gave him the Cakrasaṃvara initiation. However, Khandipa was unable to make any progress because he kept thinking about sewing. In order to overcome his distraction, the yogin told him how to use those thoughts in his meditation practice, explaining that in reality there is no sewing and there is nothing to be sewn. After twelve years of meditation, Khandipa achieved mahāmudrā. (Source: Lopez Jr., Donald S. Seeing the Sacred in Samsara: An Illustrated Guide to the Eighty-Four Mahāsiddhas. Boulder: Shambhala Publications, 2019: p. 93.)

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