Gyaltsen Negi, Sherab

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English Phonetics Āchārya Sherab Gyaltsen Negi
Sort Name Khenpo Sherab Gyaltsen
Khenpo sherab gyaltsen

Tibetan calendar dates

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Primary Affiliation (Workplace)
Rigpe Dorje Institute
Secondary Affiliation
Nitartha Institute
Religious Affiliation

Biographical information

Khenpo Sherab Gyaltsen Negi graduated from Nalanda Institute at Rumtek Monastery in 1991 and was awarded the title of Khenpo in recognition of his scholarship. He taught at the Nalanda Institute one and a half years and joined and joined Kagyu Thekchen Ling in Lava, Kalimpong in 1992 to serve the various projects and activities of His Eminence Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche. He also completed the traditional three-year Shangpa Kagyu retreat at Mirik Monastery under the guidance of Very Venerable Bokar Rinpoche and Khenpo Lodro Donyod Rinpoche. Today, he is mainly involved with work for Rigpe Dorje Publications. Jamgön Kongtrül Labrang

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