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Bronwyn Finnigan
English Phonetics Bronwyn Finnigan
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Australian National University

PhD University

University of Auckland


  • PhD in Philosophy, University of Auckland (2012). Dissertation: "The Practical Intellect: Investigating Non-Deliberative Ethical Action."
  • MA in Philosophy, University of Sydney, 2005
  • BA (Hons.) in Philosophy, University of Melbourne, 2002

Biographical information

Bronwyn Finnigan is a senior lecturer in the School of Philosophy, RSSS, at the Australian National University and an early career research fellow with the Australian Research Council. She works primarily in metaethics, moral psychology, and philosophy of mind in Western and Asian philosophical traditions and is currently working on two related research projects. The first investigates the nature of practical rationality involved in skilled action taken as a model of moral agency. The second examines Buddhist moral psychology and the meta-ethical grounds for rationally reconstructing Buddhist ethical thought. Bronwyn is a member of the Cowherds who authored Moonshadows: Conventional Truth in Buddhist Philosophy (Oxford), and has recently published articles on Buddhist arguments concerning animal welfare and vegetarianism (2017), idealism (2018), and the reflexive awareness of consciousness (2018). (Source: Readings of Śāntideva's Guide to Bodhisattva Practice, pg 285.)

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