Dzogchen Pema Kalsang

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Wylie rdzogs chen pad+ma bskal bzang
English Phonetics Dzogchen Pema Kalsang
Sort Name Dzogchen Pema Kalsang
Dzogchen Pema Kalsang.jpg
Birth:   1943
Place of birth:   Dzachuka, Eastern Tibet

Tibetan calendar dates

Religious Affiliation
Nyingma, Dzogchen

Biographical information

Having received an intense and enlightening education with some of the most eminent masters of the 20th century, while still a teenager, Dzogchen Pema Kalsang Rinpoche became twelfth throne holder of Dzogchen Monastery. Throughout the bleak period of the 1960s and '70s, he managed to maintain and practice the Dharma in secret, and as soon as circumstances permitted, he completely rebuilt Dzogchen Monastery, Shirasing Buddhist College, and established the Lotus Ground Great Perfection Retreat Centre. He now devotes his time to teaching Dzogpa Chenpo to tens of thousands of studetns from all over the world, and to date, thirty-two volumes of his teachings have been published in Tibetan. (Source: Introduction to the Nature of Mind (Dzogchen Pema Kalsang) (2019), translated by Christian Stewart.

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