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Brandon Dotson
English Phonetics Brandon Dotson
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Primary Affiliation (Workplace)
Georgetown University

PhD University

University of Oxford


  • University of Oxford - D.Phil
  • University of Oxford - M.Phil
  • Wesleyan University - B.A.

Biographical information

Brandon Dotson is associate professor and Thomas P. McKenna Chair of Buddhist Studies. Besides Georgetown, he has taught and researched at Oxford, SOAS, UCSB, and Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich. He has also enjoyed research stays in China and Tibet. His work concerns ritual, narrative, and cosmology and the interaction of Buddhist and non-Buddhist traditions in the Tibetan cultural area. In particular, he works closely with Tibetan Dunhuang manuscripts to explore the history and culture of the Tibetan Empire (7th to 9th centuries CE). (Source: Georgetown University Page)

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