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Amber Carpenter
English Phonetics Amber Carpenter
Sort Name Carpenter, Amber
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Primary Language:   English
Primary Affiliation (Workplace)
Yale-NUS College
Secondary Affiliation
University of York

PhD University

Kings College London


  • BA (Yale)
  • PhD (Kings College London)

Biographical information

Amber Carpenter is Associate Professor at Yale-NUS College, and supervises doctoral students at the University of York. Dr. Carpenter specializes in Ancient Greek philosophy and Indian Buddhist philosophy. She is particularly concerned with the place of reason in a well-lived life— what might reason be that it could be ethically relevant, or even required? Addressing this question opens up lines of inquiry in metaphysics, epistemology and philosophical psychology.

Dr. Carpenter’s work considers the intersections of these areas of inquiry. In both Greece and India, metaphysics and epistemology mattered. Debates over them were parts of wider disputes about the nature and domain of the moral. Dr. Carpenter’s work in Ancient Greek philosophy focuses on Plato’s metaphysical ethics and related epistemological issues— including the intelligence of plants. Her book, Indian Buddhist Philosophy, appeared in 2014, and her study of the pudgalavādins can be found in The Moon Points Back (2015). In her current work, she creates a conversation between these two philosophical traditions, under the rubric ‘Metaphysics and Epistemology as Ethics’, as for instance in ‘Ethics of Substance’.

She recently held a fellowship with the Beacon Project, exploring “Ethical Ambitions and Their Formation of Character”.

Dr. Carpenter is currently Rector of Elm College, Yale-NUS. From 2015 to 2017, she was Head of Philosophy at Yale-NUS, where she initiated the Ancient Worlds Research Group. She was a co-founder of the Yorkshire Ancient Philosophy Network; and collaborates with Rachael Wiseman on the Integrity Project.

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