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Prabodh Chandra Bagchi
English Phonetics Prabodh Chandra Bagchi
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Alternate names
  • P. C. Bagchi
Birth:   1898
Death:   1956
Place of birth:   Jashore District, Bangladesh

Tibetan calendar dates

Primary Professional Affiliation
Visva-Bharati University

PhD University

Calcutta University

Biographical information

Prabodh Chandra Bagchi (18 November 1898 – 19 January 1956) was one of the most notable Sino-Indologists of the 20th century. He was the third Upacharya (Vice-Chancellor) of Visva-Bharati University. He published a large number of books in English, French, and Bengali. His best known work that is still acclaimed as a classical work even today is India and China, which was first published in 1944. (Source Accessed Jun 4, 2019)


(Partial List of Publications from Wikipedia)

Books in French

1. Le Canon Bouddhique en Chine les traducteurs et les traductions, Tome 1, pp. lii, 436 ; Tome II pp. vi 437–742, 1927 : Paris, Librarie Orientaliste Paul Geuthner 1938, Sino-Indica Publications de I'universite de Calcutta
2. Deux Lexiques Sanskrit Chinois Fan Yu Tsa Ming De Li Yen et Fan Yu Ts'ien Tsen Wen De Yi-Tsing : Tome I, pp. iv, 336 : Tome II, pp. viii, 337–590, 1929, Paris, Librarie Orientaliste Paul Geuthner 1937, Sino-Indica Publications de I'universite de Calcutta

Books in English

3. Pre-Aryan and Pre-Dravidian In India 1929, Calcutta University 1968, Reprinted by Calcutta University
4. Kaula-Jyana-Nirnaya and some Minor Texts of the School of Matsyendranath Calcutta Sanskrit Series, 1934, pp. viii, 92–148, Metropolitan Printing and Publishing House: Calcutta
5. Studies In The Tantras Part-I, 1939 : Calcutta University
6. India and China: a thousand years of cultural relations. Published in Greater India Society, Bulletin 2, Calcutta in 1927 First Edition 1944, China Press, Calcutta Second Edition 1950, Hind Kitab, Bombay
Third Edition 1951, Philosophical Library, New York
Fourth Edition 1981, Saraswat Library, Calcutta
Fifth Edition 2008, Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd, New Delhi. ISBN 978-81-215-1197-1.
Chinese Translation "Zhong-Yin Qiannian Shi" 2008, Indian Embassy, Beijing. ISBN 978-81-215-1197-1.
7. India and Central Asia: 1955, National Council of Education, Jadavpur, Calcutta
8. Caryagiti Kosa : P. C. Bagchi & Shanti Bhiksu Sastri 1956, Visva Bharati
9. She-Kia-Fang-Che 1959, Visva Bharati
10. Indological Studies-A collected works of Dr. P. C. Bagchi, vol. I, 1982, Visva Bharati
11. The Second City of the Empire. Editor

Books in Bengali

Visva Bharati Press

12. Bouddha Dharma O Sahitya
13. Bharat O Indo Chin
14. Bharat O Chin
15. Bharat O Madhya Asia

Bangla Academy

16. Probondho Shamgraho
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