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English Phonetics Anne Ansermet
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[Anne Ansermet] grew up in Geneva, alongside a father [Ernest Ansermet] totally absorbed by music, where she met Ravel, de Falla, Stravinsky, [and] Ramuz. Having become a nurse, she converted to Catholicism, then married and lived in Paris, where she discovered the misery of the suburbs. After a divorce and two remarriages, she lived in Zurich and in the South of France. A few years later, she returned to Rolle with her son and established very close relationships with her father, accompanying him on his concert tours, developing a very rich intellectual exchange with him. Then she left for India, became a Buddhist, and returned to Switzerland to settle at the Buddhist Center of Mont-Pèlerin, before settling in Rolle. (Adapted from Source Feb 16, 2021)

Anne was instrumental in helping to establish Rabten Choeling (formerly Tharpa Choeling) , one of the first Tibetan Buddhist monasteries to be established in the West after the exodus of Tibetans into India. At the age of 70, Anne was drawn to Buddhism and even traveled to India to be ordained by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. It was the hard work of Anne and her group that allowed the ordained and lay people in Tharpa Choeling to live a life of study and contemplation without having to worry about their material needs. (Adapted from Source Feb 16, 2021)

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