Actualized enlightenment

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Key Term shijue
Hover Popup Choices actualized enlightenment; Actualized Enlightenment
Chinese Script 始覺
Chinese Pinyin shijue
Japanese Transliteration shikaku
English Standard actualized enlightenment
Term Type Noun
Source Language Chinese
Basic Meaning Actualized enlightenment is enlightenment that is attained through practice. It is contrasted with original enlightenment, which is the mind's innate purity in its natural state. Ultimately, there is no difference between them. Because of the presence of ignorance, sentient beings are blind to their true nature. By removing that ignorance, one actualizes enlightenment.
Has the Sense of Enlightenment attained through practice.
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sutra/śastra quote: Grounded in the original enlightenment is nonenlightenment. And because of nonenlightenment, the process of actualization of enlightenment can be spoken of.
sutra/śastra quote source: The Awakening of Faith in the Mahāyāna