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Śāntideva on the DRL

Wylie zhi ba lha
Devanagari शान्तिदेव
English Phonetics Śāntideva
Sort Name Shantideva
Shantideva Tsemrinpoche.jpg
Shantideva rising.jpg
Shantideva (floating).jpg
Shantideva (tsagli).jpg
Shantideva (line drawing).jpg
Shantideva (Sahil Phopal).jpg
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Shantideva (seated).jpg
Other names
  • རྒྱལ་སྲས་ཞི་བ་ལྷ་
  • བྷུ་སུ་ཀུ་
  • rgyal sras zhi ba lha
  • Bhusuku
Birth:   late 7th century
Death:   mid 8th century
Place of birth:   India

Tibetan calendar dates


Biographical Information

Śāntideva (late 7th to mid-8th century CE) was a Buddhist monk, philosopher, and poet whose reflections on the overall structure of Buddhist moral commitments reach a level of generality and theoretical power that is hard to find elsewhere in Indian thought. His writings were immensely influential in the development of the Tibetan religious tradition. Though Śāntideva repeatedly denied that he had said anything original, his two major works may nevertheless represent the single most significant contribution of the Buddhist tradition to the global enterprise of ethical theory. And some of Śāntideva’s poetic passages exhibit an emotional and rhetorical power that gives them a claim to be included among the greatest achievements of world literature. (Source: The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

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