'jam dbyangs bzhad pa'i rdo rje

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Template:Tibetan-Chinese-box Wylie: 'jam dbyangs bzhad pa

  • 'jam dbyangs bzhad pa'i rdo rje
  • 'jam dbyangs bzhad pa 01 ngag dbang brtson 'grus
  • kun mkhyen ‘jam dbyangs bzhad pa’i rdo rje

Other Transliterations in use:

  • Jamyang Shepa
  • Jamyang Zhepa
  • Jamyang-zhaypa
  • Jamyang Zhäpa
  • Kunkyen Jamyang-zhaypay-dorjey (Kun-mkhyen ‘Jam-dbyangs bzhad-pa’i rdo-rje)


(b. 1648 d. 1721/1722)


Amdo native
Drepung Monastery - Gomang College (Sgo mang grva tshang)

Other Biographical Information[edit]

TBRC [P423]

1708. founds bkra shis 'khyil
rgyal rabs lo tshigs shes bya mang 'dus mkhas pa'i spyi nor (p. 357)
1668. To Dbus and enters 'Bras-spungs Sgo-mang.
1674. Final ordination from 5th DL.
1676. Enters Rgyud Smad.
1680. Meditates at Ri-bo Dge-'phel.
1690. Becomes bla-ma [abbot] of 'Bras-spungs Sgo-mang.
Attempts to make peace between the Sde-srid and Lha-bzang Khan.
1709. Founds the Bkra-shis-'khyil Monastery with the patronage of Ju-nang Dpon.
1720. Granted title PaNDi-ta-e-rti-no-min-han by the Gong-ma Khang-shis Rgyal-po.
Year of death 1721 or 1722 (according to Ming mdzod); dates according to Tshad ma'i 'byung khungs: 1648-1722.
Gsung-'bum in 15 volumes.


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