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Key Term sugatagarbha
In Tibetan Script བདེ་གཤེགས་སྙིང་པོ་
Wylie Tibetan Transliteration bde gshegs snying po
Devanagari Sanskrit Script सुगतगर्भ
Tibetan Phonetic Rendering deshek nyingpo
Richard Barron's English Term potential/ heart essence for attaining/ reaching the state of bliss [sutra context]; potential/ heart essence that constitutes attaining/ reaching the state of bliss [Dzogchen context]
Ives Waldo's English Term 1) sugata/ enlightened essence; 2) sugatagarbha
Alternate Spellings bder gshegs snying po; bde bar gshegs pa'i snying po
Term Type Noun
Source Language Sanskrit
Basic Meaning Literally the "essence" or "heart of the Bliss Gone One(s)", a synonym for tathāgatagarbha that is likewise often rendered into English by the term "buddha-nature." Though it is often back translated into Sanskrit as sugatagarbha, this term is not found in Sanskrit sources.
Has the Sense of The essence of enlightenment present in all sentient beings.
Did you know? This term is used differently depending on the context: in a sūtric context, the term is equivalent to tathāgatagarbha and is translated into English as "buddha-nature". In a tantric context, depending upon the tradition, sugatagarbha is a synonym for pristine awareness and emptiness.
Related Terms tathāgatagarbha
Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism See page 865: in Sanskrit, “essence of the sugata,” a synonym for tathāgatagarbha.
Rangjung Yeshe's English Term sugata-essence, enlightened essence, essence for attaining experience of bliss. Sugatagarbha. 'Sugata essence.' The most common Sanskrit term for what in the West is known as 'buddha-nature.'
TshigmdzodChenmo sems can thams cad kyi rgyud la ye nas gnas pa'i gzhi rgyud bde bar gshegs pa'i snying po ngo bo stong pa rang bzhin gsal ba thugs rje kun khyab kyi bdag nyid can
Wikipedia wikipedia:Buddha-nature
Synonyms tathāgatagarbha

Buddha-nature, literally the "womb/essence of those who have gone (to suchness)."