Essentials: Wangdrak, Chakung Jigme

Wangdrak, Chakung Jigme

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Display name Use standardized English phonetics for non-western names, if applicable. This value will be used as main names on the figure pages of our other educational websites, like Buddha-nature, Shantideva, etc.
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Biography/Description Add here a bio about this person. ALWAYS add a source for the bio. This can be done by adding a link at the bottom of the paragraph of the bio, with the form: (Source Accessed MONTH DAY, YEAR)<br> EXAMPLE: (Source Accessed Jan 10, 2015)
Tibetan Biography/Description Bio in Tibetan script. ALWAYS add a source for the bio or explain where this comes from in some way. This can be done by adding a link at the bottom of the paragraph of the bio, with the form: (Source Accessed MONTH DAY, YEAR)<br> EXAMPLE: (Source Accessed Jan 10, 2015)
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