Strauss, O.

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Strauss, O. on the DRL

Otto Strauss
English Phonetics Otto Strauss
Sort Name Strauss, Otto
Birth:   1881
Death:   1940
Place of birth:   Berlin

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Biographical Information

Otto Strauss (b. Berlin 18.10.1881 — d. Bloemendaal, Netherlands 20.10.1940) was a German Indologist and a Professor in Breslau. The son of a banker, he studied Indology, philosophy, and art history at Munich, Berlin and especially Kiel (Oldenberg, Deussen). From Deussen, he developed an interest in Indian philosophy. He received his Ph.D. in 1905 at Kiel (under Oldenberg). From 1913 he was Professor of Comparative Philology at University of Calcutta. In 1915-20, he interned in Ahmednagar (and studied Russian). In 1920 he resumed his docentship at Kiel . . . In 1928 he succeeded Liebich as ord. Professor at Breslau. As a Jew, he was forced to resign in 1935. He lived some time in Berlin, then at his friends in Bloemendaal, Netherlands, and died there of angina pectoris.

Strauss was an important pioneer of Indian philosophy in Germany. While Deussen still had few texts and mixed Western ideas in his interpretation of them, Strauss applied strict philological methods to the sources. His greatest interest was in the Mīmāṁsā school. He also worked on Sanskrit grammar. Among his students were K. Marschner, E. Pax, and W. Liebenthal. (Adapted from Source Jan 19, 2024)

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