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Key Term prabhāsvaracitta
Hover Popup Choices luminous mind
In Tibetan Script འོད་གསལ་གྱི་སེམས་
Wylie Tibetan Transliteration 'od gsal gyi sems
Devanagari Sanskrit Script प्रभास्वरचित्त
Tibetan Phonetic Rendering ösel gyi sem
Chinese Script 光明心
Chinese Pinyin guāng míng xīn
Japanese Transliteration kōmyōshin
Korean Transliteration kwangmyŏngsim
English Standard luminous mind
Jeffrey Hopkin's English Term mind of clear light
Gyurme Dorje's English Term mind's inner radiance
Alternate Spellings 'od gsal ba'i sems
Term Type Noun
Source Language Sanskrit
Basic Meaning The luminous aspect of mind that is often contrasted with its empty aspect. It is often used figuratively to reference the cognizant, or knowing, aspect of mind and sometimes more literally as the natural luminosity of mind and luminous wisdom that is experienced in meditation.
Has the Sense of The natural radiance of mind.
Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism See page 653: In Sanskrit, “mind of clear light.” According to the Systems of Anuttarayogatantra, this state of mind is the most subtle form of consciousness, which must be used to perceive reality directly in order to achieve buddhahood.
Wikipedia wikipedia:Luminous mind