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McClellan, Joseph on the DRL

Joseph McClelland
English Phonetics Joseph Mark McClelland
Sort Name McClelland, Joseph

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Joe McClellan became a student of Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche in 1996. He earned a BA in History from the University of Washington, and then studied Tibetan language and philosophy in Nepal for two years. Joe then received MA, MPhil, and PhD degrees in Columbia University’s Department of Religion, where he focused on comparative philosophy. Subsequently, he taught Western and Asian philosophies and religions, as well as gender studies, at several colleges in the U.S. Since 2017, he has taught at colleges in Bangladesh, Myanmar, and most recently in Bhutan. He is a contributor to Treasury of Lives, Lotsawa House, and the Khyentse Vision Project. (Source Accessed January 19, 2024)

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