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Kambalapāda on the DRL

English Phonetics Kambalapāda
Sort Name Kambalapāda

Tibetan calendar dates


Biographical Information

Lva ba pa, or bLa ma dGe slong, Skt. Kambalapāda, was a tenth-century master who, with others, discovered the yoginī tantras in the country of Oḍḍīyāna (BA, 753), and was important in the lineage of Guhyasamāja. He was known as the Sleeping Bhikṣu (monk) because he is said to have slept for three years at the gate of king Indrabhūti's palace (BA, 362). A bhasuku or bhusuku is similar to a mendicant (sprang bu), that is, free of purposeful action (bya bral pa) (KTGR 2005). Sleeping for three years would probably qualify! (Harding, Esoteric Instructions, 192n172)

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