Dharmasiri, G.

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Dharmasiri, G. on the DRL

English Phonetics Gunapala Dharmasiri
Sort Name Dharmasiri, Gunapala
Dharmasiri Gunapala-Swarthmore College Bulletin.jpg

Tibetan calendar dates


Biographical Information

Dr. Gunapala Dharmasiri, retired chair of the philosophy department at the University at Peradeniya, was affectionately known as “Dharme” to his many students in Sri Lanka and around the world. The soft-spoken philosopher was one of Sri Lanka’s foremost Buddhist scholars. Over the course of his career, he integrated his profound understanding of the Theravadan tradition with the Mahayanan and Vajrayanan paths to enlightenment. Fluent in Sinhalese, Pali, Sanskrit, and English, Dharme’s books, translations, and lectures were infused with his remarkable understanding of the Buddha’s teachings and with his thorough comprehension of Eastern and Western philosophies. Read more here.

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