'Bri gung dkon mchog rgya mtsho

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'Bri gung dkon mchog rgya mtsho on the DRL

Wylie 'bri gung dkon mchog rgya mtsho
English Phonetics Drigung Könchok Gyatso (Dagpo Chenga Rinpoche)
Dhagpo Chenga.jpg
Birth:   1968

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Biographical Information

Rase Konchog Gyatso was born in 1968 in the village below the monastery of Drikung Thil in Tibet. Dagpo (or Gampo) Chenga is the 8th reincarnation of the heart son of Gampopa (1079-1153).

From his young age Dagpo Chenga revealed a virtuous personality as well as a sharp mind. He studied at Drikung Buddhist College and at the Tibetan College in Lhasa. Dagpo Chenga also attended the Medical and Astrological College. He studied the Ten Aspects of Knowledge, as well as natural sciences, social sciences, and history and became very erudite in many fields of knowledge. Already as a young student he began writing papers on many subjects of Tibetan history and Tibetan Buddhism under his name Rase Konchog Gyatso. Among his books is also a seven-volume publication entitled A Faithful Speech that shows how to develop, improve and spread the Dharma tradition of the Drikung Kagyu in the future. Dagpo Chenga is considered one of the most learned lamas of the Drikung tradition. (Source Accessed Oct 6, 2022)

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