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Key Term analytical meditation
In Tibetan Script དབྱེད་སྒོམ་
Wylie Tibetan Transliteration dbyed sgom
Tibetan Phonetic Rendering che gom
English Standard analytical meditation
Karl Brunnhölzl's English Term analytical meditation
Term Type Noun
Source Language Tibetan
Basic Meaning Analytical meditation is a technique that focuses the mind on a specific contemplation involving abstract thought about a specific idea or experience in the context of a single meditation session designed to support integrating reasoning and experience.
Has the Sense of Thrangu Rinpoche describes the two ways to develop the wisdom that perceives the nature of reality: "...analytical meditation (Tib. che gom) and placement medita­tion (Tib. jok gom). In analytical meditation, one reads (or listens to) a passage giving a logical argument and then one goes into a deep Shamatha meditation and contemplates this argument." (Source: Transcending Ego: Distinguishing Consciousness from Wisdom (Tib. namshe yeshe jepa) of Rangjung Dorje, The Third Karmapa. With a Commentary by The Venerable Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche Geshe Lharampa. Translated by Peter Roberts. Boulder: Namo Buddha Publications, 2001, page 104.)
Did you know? You can learn more about this term and practice analytical meditation on the meditation page of this website.
sutra/śastra quote:

If you discriminate that phenomena are identityless
And meditate by discriminating them in this way,
This is the cause for the result of attaining nirvāṇa.

Peace will not come about through any other cause.
sutra/śastra quote source: pp 273, Brunnhölzl, Karl, The Center of the Sunlit Sky: Madhyamaka in the Kagyü Tradition. Nitartha Institute Series. Ithaca, NY: Snow Lion Publications, 2004.